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12 Hours of Idaho Real Estate Elective Continuing Education 

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Property Management

In this course, we review the basic fundamentals of residential property management. We’ll quietly observe our property manager dealing with all the various aspects of real estate property management as the vacant units are marketed and filled. As we’ll see, there is a lot to keep in mind when dealing with residential real estate tenants.


In this course, we’re going to focus on negotiating and closing in the real estate business. First, we’ll look at negotiating skills in general. Then, we’ll look at negotiating situations unique to real estate agents. Finally, we’ll look at practical negotiating skills applied to what the real estate agent typically goes through every day.


This course gives an overview of how the agents works with sellers who are in the real estate marketplace. It will cover various topics from seller demographics to managing listings to contractual relationships. The overall goal is to inform licensed agents of how to best assist their clients when a property is being sold. Be prepared to take notes as there will be some optional quizzes to test your knowledge.


This course focuses on the safety issues licensed agents face while working in their communities. It presents scenarios where the broker agent needs to be aware of when they are vulnerable to attack or harassment as they meet with clients and the larger public. The overall goal is to inform licensed agents about how to be smart while doing their job and to avoid becoming a crime statistic.


This course gives an overview of how the agents makes use of technology as a working real estate professional. It will cover various topics from customer databases to mobile apps used by today’s agents. The overall goal is to inform licensed agents about the rapidly changing world of technology and its applications for the real estate industry.


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