Elective Generation
10 Hours


Hawaii Elective Generation 10 Hours

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Included in this course

Fair Housing

This course covers the topic of Fair Housing as it relates to Hawaii and U.S. federal real estate law. It will cover the history of housing discrimination and detail statutes that now mandate equal access to all housing in the United States. The goal is to inform the licensee about the law and make sure they are compliant with it. Knowledge of the law is your best protection so you can serve your clients and keep yourself within the legal guidelines. The optional quizzes in the course will test your ability to understand fair housing in the real estate industry.


In this course, we’re going to focus on negotiating and closing in the real estate business. First, we’ll look at negotiating skills in general. Then, we’ll look at negotiating situations unique to real estate agents. Finally, we’ll look at practical negotiating skills applied to what the real estate agent typically goes through every day.


This course gives an overview of how the Realtor works with sellers who are in the real estate marketplace. It will cover various topics from seller demographics to managing listings to contractual relationships. The overall goal is to inform licensed agents of how to best assist their clients when a property is being sold. Be prepared to take notes as there will be some optional quizzes to test your knowledge.


This course focuses on the safety issues licensed agents face while working in their communities. It presents scenarios where the broker agent needs to be aware of when they are vulnerable to attack or harassment as they meet with clients and the larger public. The overall goal is to inform licensed agents about how to be smart while doing their job and to avoid becoming a crime statistic. We will cover various sub-topics such as Open House Planning, Self-Defense training, and communication approaches.

School Info

Hawaii Association of REALTORS®
Course Code: C10383

Our Money Back Guarantee

Each course we offer is approved by the State, the regulating body and the State’s REALTOR® Association. We offer a money-back guarantee on all of our courses. Have fun and don’t worry – when it comes to your license we don’t play!


Your Money-Back Guarantee

Each course is approved by the State of Hawaii, The Hawaii Real Estate Commission and the Hawaii REALTOR® Association. We offer a money-back guarantee on all of our courses. Have fun and don’t worry – when it comes to your license we don’t play!