Full Generation Bundle
w/ Ethics Adventure!


7 hour bundle which includes all mandatory courses, plus Ethics Adventure!

Latest 2018 material!  Full award-winning real estate simulation.

Included in this course

Safety | Mandatory | 1 Hour
AREC Course Code: CEDE 18-1-774S 

This course focuses on the safety issues licensed agents face while working in their communities. It presents scenarios where the broker agent needs to be aware of when they are vulnerable to attack or harassment as they meet with clients and the larger public. The overall goal is to inform licensed agents about how to be smart while doing their job and to avoid becoming a crime statistic. We will cover various sub-topics such as Open House Planning, Self-Defense training, and communication approaches.

Forms and Contracts | Mandatory | 3 Hours
AREC Course Code: CEDE-18-3-818AG

Be the first in your office to take this new mandatory course on managing real estate Forms and Contracts in Arkansas. The Real Estate Commission has recently added this required course to the state list of courses needed for re-certification. It focuses on helping real estate salespersons in Arkansas as they oversee real estate purchase agreements and any other contracts. The course offers a basic tutorial on required contract elements and how the salespersons in Arkansas can navigate the legal pitfalls when working with forms and contracts.

Ethics Adventure! | Elective | 3 Hours
AREC Course Code: CEDE 18-3-773

Play the new and exciting graphic story, while you get your Realtor Ethics Training!

You’ll tackle subjects like:

  • Mediation/Arbitration
  • Ethics complaints
  • When disclosure is needed
  • Potential discrimination
  • Where the Code intersects with the law
  • Handling client’s funds

As well as the other nuts and bolts that make up the life of a successful REALTOR®, which is all done in the context of the Code Of Ethics.

School Info

Interact CE, School ID #MS00083398
Approved by AREC

AREC Course Codes: CEDE 18-1-774S, CEDE 18-3-773, CEDE-18-3-818AG

Course Contributors

A very special thanks to the writers and educators who contributed to our courses.

Mark Bach
Colin Wessman
Joseph Heirling

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