Interact CE Launches Simulation for Continuing Education

Interact CE a Seattle-area startup, has developed an entertaining online simulation for real estate agents to meet their continuing education requirements. The software employs a concept called “gamification” to convert dry, boring subject matter into a 21st Century learning experience.

“Our simulation will revolutionize the way real estate agents renew their licenses,” says CEO Jed Etters. “Say farewell to countless hours of sitting in a classroom or taking mind-numbing multiple choice tests.”

The simulation allows players to hone their skills by replicating a “day in the life” of a real estate agent. Players will find clients, negotiate prices, buy and sell homes, and engage in marketing. As a reward for good work, players can upgrade their office from a shabby basement to a downtown suite.

The “clients” that players meet in the simulation, such as the Drill Sergeant and Geeky Professor, will keep them entertained in ways that traditional continuing education cannot.

“For the first time, continuing education will be fun. Real estate agents will be eager to play this,” Etters states.

Sprinkled within the simulation are learning modules on topics of interest to real estate agents. These modules, combined with the simulation, provide the 30 hours of continuing education required by regulators in Washington state. Crucially, the product is endorsed by the Washington Association of Realtors.

Players can access the game on desktop computers, laptops, and tablets such as the iPad.

To create the simulation, Etters partnered with veteran game designer Brayden Olson, whose company, Recurrence, launched a simulation for business students at the University of Washington and other schools across the country.

“We make a great team,” Olson says. “We believe that Jed’s deep knowledge of real estate and my experience in gamification will make Interact CE a smashing success.”

The simulation will launch on September 15 in Washington state at various price points depending on the number of hours purchased. Real estate agents who must renew their licenses soon can join a waiting list.

REGW is expanding their offering to additional states in the near future.

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