Gamification Arrives In The Real Estate Industry

Gamification. If you’ve never heard this term before, you might want to get used to it. What does it mean? The application of game design elements to education. In other terms playing a game to learn new information. Sounds great! Only, how is it possible to learn from playing a game? In recent studies done by the University of Colorado, gamification resulted in 14% higher skill based knowledge assessments, 11% higher factual knowledge, and 9% increase in retention rate. Enough with the statistics! How can this help you? Well, if you’re a real estate agent seeking to renew your license then look no further.

A Seattle start-up company, Interact CE, has applied gamification to the state mandatory continuing education requirements. The state of Washington for example requires 30 hours of continuing education every two years to keep a real estate license in active status. Interact CE has broken the traditional ways of renewing and offer a new system to obtain CE hours… Play your way through them.

The Company is located downtown Bellevue, Washington and is able to draw from one of the largest pools of software and interactive talent in the world. The company founders are recognized experts in the Real Estate industry and the Gamification industry.

Their experienced team of developers work closely with the Realtor Association and affiliated regulatory agencies to create a learning technique proven superior to traditional teaching methods. The company is first focused on supplying their fresh continuing education system to the Real Estate Professional.

By using an avatar to navigate the world as a real estate professional, you will act as a buyers and seller agent, negotiate deals, and generate leads. As you play, time accrues toward your CE requirements. Compatible with any smart device, Interact CE gives agents the freedom to complete their hours anywhere, anytime, and have fun all the while.

Though an online game, don’t be fooled by the stereotype that may accompany gaming. This is not a typical mindless, button mashing video game you may have in mind. Not even a useless trivia game, but a beneficial and highly engaging simulator with a positive outcome: applicable knowledge. Through the effects of gamification, agents learn valuable lessons they can apply to their profession daily. The simulator motivates agents to think for themselves and pull from real life experiences to level up. Interact CE provides agents with the skills they need to better their professions and continue selling real estate in their designated state.

In the education realm, engagement is one of the toughest challenges. Students have a hard time staying engaged. Let’s say when reading a book on real estate or sitting a class for continuing education. Yes, agents are present in the class as so they earn CE hours, but the mind tends to wonder. What’s for dinner? How late does this class go? Wow, this is really boring. Where should I go on vacation this summer? Just typical thoughts that run through the mind when unengaged in a learning environment. The most proficient aspect of gamification may be its proven ability to motivate and engage users. With game like elements such as a leader board, students are highly motivated to perform well. Interact CE has proven to fully engage their users. Take it from Rudy Tomich, a Washington State real estate agent:

“Interact CE kept me interested as I read the material I needed to know for the tests. I was engaged at every step and eager to see how much money I could make at the end of the game. Thank you, Interact CE, for making my license renewal process intriguing.” –Rudy Tomich

Interact CE established partnership with the association of REALTORS® in Washington, Oregon, Georgia and Colorado. With plans to expand across the country in advancing simulation based continuing education products for the real estate industry.

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