A Brand New Way To Renew Your Arkansas Real Estate License

The Arkansas Real Estate Continuing Education Game

How Interact CE Works

Arkansas REALTORS® Leadership and Professional Development Committee is excited to offer Interact CE to our membership. This cutting-edge technology will offer our members the professional training that they desire in an innovative and captivating way. I am genuinely excited to offer this program to our Arkansas REALTORS®!

arkansas real estate conituing education

Ladonna Ignatiuk

Arkansas REALTORS®, Director of Professional Development

Play to learn

Interact CE’s simulations let you play as you master real-world scenarios. Act as a buyer’s agent, a seller’s agent, advertise your business, and negotiate deals. Have fun, and your take state-required coursework at the same time.

Get certified instantly

Under a time crunch? Your certificate is emailed instantly upon completion. Just print it and renew your license on time!

Complete on any device

Play for five minutes or five hours—time accumulates on any device, anywhere. The software always picks up where you left off, tracks your total time, and credits it toward your license renewal.
Arkansas Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

Need your ethics training?

Download Ethics Adventure! Play the new and exciting graphic story, while you get your Realtor Ethics Training!
You’ll tackle subjects like:
  • Mediation/Arbitration
  • Ethics complaints
  • When disclosure is needed
  • Potential discrimination
  • Where the Code intersects with the law
  • Handling client’s funds

As well as the other nuts and bolts that make up the life of a successful REALTOR®, which is all done in the context of the Code Of Ethics.

Never have I had clock hours go by so quickly. Learn actual day to day real estate activities.


Interact CE is a fresh, new way for agents to receive their continuing education hours. I encourage REALTORS® to give it a try.


I was engaged at every step and eager to see how much money I could make in the simulator.


Arkansas Real Estate License Renewal Continuing Education Requirements

2018 Real Estate Broker & Sales Person Continuing Education Requirements

Total Hours Required: 7 (4 Mandatory + 3 Elective)

Mandatory 1 Hour, Safety

Mandatory 3 Hours Forms and Contracts Course for Sales Persons

Elective 3 Hours

License Renewal Period: 1 year

Renewal Date:  All current licensees will expire December 31st of each year.

Interact CE Frequently Asked Questions
Are these courses certified?
Yes, all the courses offered are certified and licensed by the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. You can find us here. Interact CE has gone to great lengths to ensure all course material meets AREC requirements. The state certificate number is shown in the product select screen.
What computers or devices are compatible with the course?
The courses can be completed on any modern internet browser; no matter which device you prefer, you can complete your Interact CE course.
When do I file the completion of the Code of Ethics requirement with NAR?
As soon as you recieve the certification for the completion of the Ethics Adventure you may file with NAR.
I've registered for the course to obtain only NAR’s Code of Ethics, how will I be notified it's completed?
Upon course completion we will instantly email you a certificate.

Your Money-Back Guarantee

Each course is approved by the State of Arkansas, The Arkansas Real Estate Commission and the Arkansas REALTOR® Association. We offer a money-back guarantee on all of our courses. Have fun and don’t worry – when it comes to your license we don’t play!