What is ARELLO Certification in the Real Estate Industry?



Interact CE is Arello Certified

In an effort to better equip its members to protect the public through quality education of its regulated professionals, the ARELLO Education Certification Committee has developed a set of Distance Education Standards that is applicable to all fields and professions. “ARELLO Certified” assures that important educational principles are being upheld and honored.

Arello’s Distance Education Certification Program certifies distance education courses using a comprehensive and rigorous Distance Education Standards. This program fosters excellence in professional education by evaluating the design and delivery of distance education courses.

Please see the Recognition section of Arello’s website to learn more about the growing number of states that recognize ARELLO® Certification.


ARELLO has existed since 1930. In the first decade of the 21st Century, Arello became especially active in assisting other nations in developing sound licensing procedures for their real estate brokerage activity. With the fall of Communist governments in Europe at the end of the 20th Century, many of those nations sought help in establishing a regulatory framework for new real estate. Similar changes occurred in Asia and the Middle East.

Arello has grown in stature and in recognition in the United State and worldwide.


The largest threat to the real estate industry today is poor agents. We believe that education is one of the solutions to training and weeding out poor agents and protecting the integrity of the real estate industry. At Interact CE we value accountability; the open exchange of information and ideas; the creation and sharing of knowledge and expertise; and cooperation among regulators, jurisdictions and related entities. All of these are represented in ARELLO CERTIFICATIONⓇ.