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Included in this course

License Law

This course is required for Georgia REALTORS® who seek re-certification and focuses on regulations that protect the public from unprofessional and dishonest brokers. Some of the topics included are minimum standards for the licensing of brokers, maintaining professionalism within the industry, understanding trust account management, and how advertising is regulated in the state.

Fair Housing

Since fair housing has the power to greatly affect one’s career, this course takes an all inclusive approach to fair housing. Featured is a history of fair housing in the U.S., in addition to current fair housing issues (both local and national). Also included are key discrimination practices and how to avoid them, as well as the HUD complaint process.


This course covers negotiating skills in general, while also delving into negotiation tactics unique to real estate agents. Specifically, we’ll discuss negotiating with clients/agents, escrow institutions, inspectors, and the other many relationships a REALTOR® will deal with every day.

Lead Generation

Since lead generation is the foundation of the real estate brokerage business, this course offers many ways of keeping leads coming in. Some of these include more traditional means, such as community or family outreach. While topics like email strategy, CMS utilization, and social media presence are also covered.


This course covers many different topics that come up during the buying process. It starts with early steps like initial contacts and buyer interviews, leading all the way up to escrow and closing. Also, covered in between are legal aspects as well as technology and contractual relationships.


Much like the buyers course, this gives an overview of how the REALTOR® works with sellers who are in the real estate marketplace. It covers various topics, such as seller demographics, managing listings, and contractual relationships.

Commercial Real Estate Essentials

This course explores some of the basic fundamentals of commercial real estate investment. Topics include investment analysis, different financing strategies, and the different team members needed when handling commercial real estate.

Property Management

This course explores the basic fundamentals of residential property management. As you’ll see, there are many different duties a property manager must juggle, which often includes: working with tenants, bookkeeping & accounting, handling maintenance, and managing different liabilities.

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