Course Features

Real Interactive Software

Experience the only gamified license renewal product where you can play, learn and earn!

Explore the interactive world of a Real Estate professional while earning state accredited, continuing education hours. Play as an agent for both buyers and sellers while maintaining your marketing strategy and negotiations. Get competitive with live agents in your area and win a spot on the leaderboard!

Earn hours at home, from the office or anywhere with an internet connection! Start playing on your computer and easily pick up where you left off on an iPad or other devices. Time accumulates toward your renewal from any device, so play for 5 minutes or 5 hours at a time!

Say “no” to boring text, lectures, and plain multiple choice questions. Start having fun and earning hours today!

Truly Superior Education

Over the last 10 years, gamification learning techniques have been proven superior by academia, industry, and the government. Our software is easy to use and feels like a game while also supplying the course material you need to achieve a real estate license renewal.

State & REALTOR Association Approved

Interact CE has approval from the REALTOR Association and Department of Licensing of each state. We’ve met rigorous standards and continue to maintain a high-level of quality to give you the best learning tool out there. Once you’ve earned credits they are immediately applied to your education transcript.

Interactive Play Not Pain

Our product takes you through real-life scenarios that change with each decision you make. It’s fun, competitive, and engaging.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you have not already received a certificate, you may request a complete refund during the first 90 days from purchase.

Secret Agents Allowed

Security of your information is our main concern. No payment information is retained and all personal information is encrypted on our site. All purchases are processed by our partner (Stripe), the #1 safest way to make a payment on the internet.

Instant Certificate

Upon completion of the class, a certificate will be instantly forwarded to you and the state REALTOR association.

As permitted, the certificate will be forwarded onto the appropriate state department and applied toward your renewal.

We make it easy to earn your certificate and get back to doing the things you love!

Simulates the life of a Real Estate Agent

Goodbye boring, not so “interactive” learning. In our world you’ll attract customers, get listings, and win contracts. Learn negotiating techniques in a fully simulated environment. Experience success and failures as you deal with a diverse set of clients. Practice the art of juggling client load just as you would in real-life. Test different ways of generating leads through a diverse offering of advertising. Manage your budget throughout the simulation and win a place on our leader-board!